Saturday, April 28, 2007

It pays to know your target demographic

Here is an article about how Scion ranks above Amazon and Best Buy for the top rated online customer experience for shoppers that are 35 and under. This was passed to me by a fellow interactive designer, Steven Alcala

Scion has 80% name recognition among young buyers
Cisco's second annual e-commerce study ranks Scion above
and Best Buy in building a top-branded customer experience for the
under-35 online shopper.

Leading the survey at No. 1, despite not having even ranked last
year, Scion's "spectacular success with their target market is the
interactive and community-oriented nature of the Scion online
experience," the survey finds. Key aspects of Scion's online strategy

Clear customer focus: Scion customers are music fans, and
features a boom box where users can listen to "Scion" music while
browsing the site. The site also promotes artists and lists concert

Sophisticated customization tools: Users can build their own cars while on the site and save their choices at "My Scion."
Integration between online and offline channels: Once a user
identifies the features and model of a particular car he or she
likes, that information can be sent to a local dealership, which will
then locate that specific vehicle and coordinate for the customer to
come in for a test drive.

Social networking and community participation: A section of
is devoted solely to registered users, most of whom are Scion owners.
There are also special events for Scion customers around the country,
creating a sense of exclusivity