Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Is Mac vs PC becoming cliche?

So everyone have most likely seen the Mac vs PC commercials, and they have been parodied everywhere. Well today a stumbled on a version that was really well done. Meet Linux These videos were put out by Novell to promote SUSE® Linux Enterprise 10. They really do show Linux in a good light. When most people think of Linux they mostly think of tech nerds, but they show that more and more people are turning to Linux for a desktop solution. This viral campaign really worked well for Novell. They got press on Slashdot, and Wired. The story even got Dugg 789 times. So if you get a sec check it out!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Is this the death of the internet?

The topic is Net Neutrality, and our freedom to surf the Internet as we please. In a nutshell Net Neutrality means that ISP's do not restrict the content that we see on the net; but currently there is no law regulating this issue. What this means is that an ISP can slow down or cut off access to a particular site in order to get you to go to one of their sites. Here is an example: If you have DSL through SBC, they can block your access to or any other search engine so they can get you to use their search engine This will be an opportunity for companies with deep pockets to control the content of the Internet. If not corrected soon it may become a reality. There shouldn't be a restriction on what we can or cannot see on the net. Our freedom to surf the net is slowly going away unless we do something about it! Write a letter to your U.S. Senator and tell them that you support Net Neutrality, and that there should be a law to stop ISP's from controlling the net. You could also sign a petition to show your support. We should all act fast or pretty soon Big Brother WILL be watching over us!

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