Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Get people hyped on your product and they will turn into walking billboards

Earlier this week I was asked what my favorite search engine was, and without a doubt I said google. As I thought back I realized for the 10 years that google have been around I have used them for 9. An old design teacher of mine introduced me to google. I needed to do research on a project, and he said use, because they have better results then yahoo, and excite. He told us that he found them through a friend. Ever since that day I used google and never stopped. This proves that word of mouth advertising is extremely powerful. As humans we react better to human interaction, and we are more likely to believe someone that we speak to over something that we read. If someone is excited about a product or service they give off a vibe that you can't always pick up from reading about it. So if get people hyped on your product it will sell itself. In order to get people hyped you first have to have a product that will fit the needs of your target demographic, then you have target your loyal customers. Give them the opportunity to preview your product first, and make them feel special for hanging in there with you. In turn they will spread the word.

At the company that I work for we do not sell directly to the end user; we rely on our channel partners to sell our products. For us our channel partners are our customers and they are who we cater to the most. We know that they have a choice on what company's product that they sell, so we make them feel special for selling our product. We ask for their feedback, and take that into consideration when we upgrade, or design new products. We give them in give them discounts and benefits that they can pass on to their customers. Because the service and dedication that we give to them they aer eager to sell our product and promote our brand.

In the April edition of Wired, they had an article on 2-Way Talk. They call it the era on nonstop two-way business. They also list a number of companies from Amazon to Apple that gets their customers involved with their products. It gives them a sense of ownership, and it makes them want to spread the word.

Get out there and get your customers involved and those customers will bring you new customers.