Monday, November 24, 2008

Does your product make your customers feel good on the inside?

If someone interacts with your brand, does it make them feel like they are contributing to the greater good? Last month I got the pleasure to hear Will Marre talk at San Diego AD2's Cause Marketing Night. He said that a person is more likely to get involved with your brand if it aligns with one of their core values; therefore making them feel like they are doing something good for the environment, humanity, themselves, etc. Well the new Green Notebooks from Apple do just that. I might be a bit bias because I'm an Apple fanatic, but I don't hear Dell talking about how their laptops are fully recyclable and mercury free.

Look at it like this; if there are 2 products that are even all around, but one is aligned with good cause, which one do you think will sell? People aren't just buying a product or service, they are buying the story that comes with it. They want to be able to tell people that their laptop is made from recyclable materials, or the company that they bought their shirt from gave a percentage of that sale to breast cancer research.

Will Marre also talked about about how Reef created a line of products that are made from recyclable materials, and 1% of the sales go to nonprofits like SurfAid International They called this project Reef Redemption. I think the lesson here is that it's more than just giving to a charity, or sponsoring an event. It's about aligning your company with a non-profit or cause that makes sense for your company.

We need to start thinking about becoming more socially responsible and creating sustainable abundance like our friends at Apple and Reef.

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